Custom built PC’s

Want a custom PC to play the latest games? Maybe you want a PC to edit photos on, or just something that will help with the office work or homework.

Well we can build the computer YOU want. Each computer at Phase 4 is built to your specification and budget!

Our main supplier has an assortment of parts are carefully selected to give you the PC you want.

What is the difference between a “pre-built” PC and a custom built one? There are many differences, the most obvious ones are the pre-built ones are designed and built for a specific set of tasks i.e. average office or home use, or for a certain price range (cheap is not always good!). Now a custom built one, is custom, it is for YOU and YOUR needs, no-one else’s. The price can be altered by the parts used, giving YOU more control over the cost and the specification. Either way a pre-built or custom built one can be the around the same price and will include a 1 year warranty. The main advantage with a custom built PC is the warranty, no packing it in the original box, then shipping it off and waiting up to 28 days for it be fixed. With a custom built PC, just bring it in to the shop and the longest wait is up to 5 days to get in parts sometimes this can be done the SAMEDAY!!

So why not pop in to speak to us and we will get you the PC YOU WANT!