Ink refills

Not only do we supply a range of original and compatible inks, we also refill your ink cartridges.

Utilising a vacuum fill system, we can ensure that each refilled cartridge receives the correct amount of ink and help it to perform like new again.

Each cartridge is cleaned of old ink and the printhead (if present on the cartridge) is cleaned to remove any old dried ink, before being filled with specially formulated inks that match the performance and colour of the originals.

For cartridges that cannot be filled i.e. most Epson inks, we supply high quality compatibles that not only match the original cartridges in terms of colour, but also deliver the same amount of pages as the XL versions, with at least a 50% saving on the cost.


We will also take in your empty cartridges to send off to be re-manufactured (or recycled) so they do not end in landfill where they can take over 450 years to be fully decomposed!


Prices for ink refills and compatibles start from £5 each!