“Cryptolocker” Malware

Good morning!

As some of you have no doubt seen there is a new variant of the “Cryptolocker” malware that seems to be in epidemic proportions.

The best advice to prevent the infection is NOT to open any email you are unsure off, the biggest clue is the emails subject, these can sometimes offer free products, services etc. Even if it comes from someone you know, read the subject first, if it seems off DELETE it. It’s better to loose a few safe emails than open that one email that will destroy all your data!

If you have been hit by one of these horrible virus’s, turn off the computer ASAP, hold the power button until ALL lights go out, then bring it in. Sometimes if stopped early enough most data is recoverable.

We recommend at least a monthly backup onto an external disk that can be plugged in when needed, then safely tucked away when the backup is done. As protection we stand by AVAST, they have the best detection rate for this kind of virus (and others) than any of the “high street” ones like Norton, McAfee etc. AVAST starts at £29.99 per year (multiple PC versions are available too)