Why is called that? pt3

Today’s why is called that is all about the most basic of computer parts, the BIOS.

BIOS, stands for Basic Input/Output system. This is what makes computers actually work, so highly important!

The BIOS, is a very small, simple BUT highly effective chip on the motherboard that tells the computer how to start, where it should look for the Operating System and even helps the Operating System to “talk” to the other bits and pieces. Without it we would not have working PC’s.

In recent times, it has been upgraded to UEFI, which stands for User Extensible Firmware Interface or i like to call it, BIOS 2 : The return, or BIOS with a mouse input 🙂

Either way, BIOS or UEFI, is a much needed and often overlooked component.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Today we figured it would be nice to talk about our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance or RMM for business.

What is it you ask? Simply put, it is system that proactively monitors each computer in your business and then carries out the required maintenance, whether it is as simple as removing junk files, to doing a good old disk defrag, to applying all those pesky Windows updates.

This system allows you to have the essential work carried out, without the need for downtime of your IT equipment and your business. Not only that, it comes with Avast Anitivirus for Business, ensuring your business stays safe.

Altogether this means you can be free to focus on your business and not pull your hair out over misbehaving computers.

“PC Help” Calls Pt.2

Following yesterdays post, here’s an additional one on the rising scam calls.

These “tech support” people, once they have access to your system can do untold damage or even hold it to ransom. As you can see in the picture below (taken today), they have renamed or possibly deleted the users account (including all their data) & setup new “Microsoft Blocked” account with a password & pin number only they know. In order to gain access to the account (& hopefully your data) you need to them an additional fee.

No matter what DO NOT pay these crooks, the more times they get paid, the more they continue. It is difficult to say goodbye to pictures you have built up over time, but it is better to loose them than loose your hard earned money.

Microsoft Blocked

“PC HELP” calls

There are lots of people calling to say they have been scammed by people calling from “Microsoft” or “Windows Support”, some even say they are calling from your Internet or e-Mail Provider. These calls are without a doubt scams.

Unless you report a technical issue, none of these people will call you & none of them will ask you to confirm your bank or card info.

Our best advice, if in doubt hang-up & DO NOT give any payment info to them.

Today in tech history, March 14, 1955

March 14, 1955

AT&T Bell Laboratories announces the completion of the first fully transistorized computer, TRADIC. TRADIC, which stood for TRAnsistor DIgital Computer, contained nearly 800 transistors, which replaced the standard vacuum tube and allowed the machine to operate on fewer than 100 watts which was one-twentieth the power required by a comparable vacuum tube computer.

Saturday 17th 2018

On Saturday 17th, we shall be closed all day. We normally do 9am to 12:30pm (mostly for breakfast)

But this weekend, we are off to Causey Hill Holiday Park to install 12 Wi-Fi access points for them, so their guests can access the internet.

If you do need us on Saturday, you can send us a message on Facebook & we shall reply as soon as we can! 🙂


Why is it called that? pt2

Today we thought it would be nice to do another why is “why is it called that?”

We will go with everyone’s favourite one, USB!

For those of you who remember the old days where we had more cables with different ends than you could shake a Walkman at (old school reference), then you’ll no doubt remember it was a mess!

USB, was designed to solve that and to be universal, which is where part of its name comes from “Universal Serial Bus”. Using this they managed to get almost devices into a single connection type, a bit of a Lord the Rings thing, but instead it is “one cable to rule them all” sort of thing, not rule all of Middle Earth! 🙂


Why is it called that?

There is a lot of jargon out there and acronyms for anything and everything IT, instead of a HUGE list (which will take days to do) we’ll break it down into very easy small blogs.

So as we’ve already used one, lets start with BLOGS, why is it called that?

Blog very basically is short for “web log” as it is a log that is on the web, simple! So there you have it! 🙂