Backup? What backup?

With how much we rely on the humble PC, laptop or Mac, we also need to ensure that all the stuff we hold on them is safe, whether its that important document for work, the pictures of the kids growing up or even photos  of the beloved family pets (OK, videos of the dog dreaming and making weird noises), it is crucial to ensure we backup, as these days we no longer go to the chemist and get our photos printed or spend hours writing (and re-writing) those documents with good old trusty pen and paper.

DVD’s and CD’s are long dead, they don’t hold enough for today’s needs and can be scratched (ouch) or just plain lost. We would recommend a trusty USB hard drive, they can hold 100’s or 1000’s the volume of CD and DVD, not prone to scratches, but you know need to remember which drawer you put it in last 🙂


You don’t need to backup everyday or every week, but you should certainly backup after you’ve copied the photos of Granny’s 80th birthday to your laptop, that way you know your memories are safe (along with your other important stuff too!)