Good Morning,


We are now looking for a new member of staff to help us due to an increase of demand for our services.

If you are an interested in IT or know of someone who is and would like a change of pace and join a small team, please send your CV to


Ideally we would like someone customer focused and has a full clean driving licence.

What we do

Hello!! Let’s start this week with a little reminder if what we don’t (this isn’t a complete list, but a start!)

We do both new and refurbished PC’s and laptops

Repairs on PC’s, laptops, tablets, phones and just because we can, games consoles too!!

Feel free to ask about virus removal or our tuneup services!

Tucked in the building is an ink cartridge refill station, so we can fill most ink cartridges. There’s also a nice stock of compatible ones too!!

For businesses we offer remote monitoring and maintenance, which includes Antivirus!!

Think that will do for now!! 😊

Hard Drives

In the previous post (a few mins ago) I mentioned Hard Drives. Many of you may know what they are, others don’t, either way is cool, each to their own etc!

Today though, I figured it would be an idea to have a quick look at them, just to give you some knowledge on what it is that stores ALL your information on a computer!

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs for short) are one of the oldest pieces of a computer, introduced in 1956 by IBM!

The basic principal is there is a spinning disk inside the unit, spinning from 5,400 RPM to 15,000RPM (so darn fast!). Then using the magic of magnets, they turn all your photos, documents etc, into 1’s & 0’s, then turn those into magnetic information on the spinning disk (mind blowing really)

They are made with such fine engineering, that if a hair got stuck between the head that does the work & the disk, it would jam the system & cease working!!

A slight knock or a drop whilst these little things are working can totally render it dead too, they are super fragile! 🙁

So in short, they are magnetically magic, but are super frail!

Mini Laptops

Its been a few days since our last post (super busy & the bank holiday messing with our heads!)

Lately we have been seeing lots of the mini laptops of all makes with the same issue, they cannot install the latest Windows updates. The reason? They have a tiny 32GB eMMC card (or in English, a super small memory card soldered inside)

These little guys and gals, are just unable to take the update due to a lack of free space! 🙁

Windows before ANY programs or apps go on, takes up a good 16GB of space, office needs 1-2GB, then there’s the updates. So by the time that’s all done, you are left with about 24GB used, BUT keep in mind you do not get all 32GB. This is due to “formatting”, once the drive is formatted you loose around 12% of the drives capacity, leaving you with 28.5GB, so that’s only about 4.5GB of space left for other things & if you’re lucky your data!

To add more bad news, the new big Windows updates need around 10GB of free space! :O These updates just do not add nice new features, but they include loads of things to keep your computer as safe & secure as possible!

If you are tempted by a mini laptop, PLEASE spend the extra few £’s and buy one with at least a 500GB hard drive, it will be worth it, trust me! 🙂