Hard Drives

In the previous post (a few mins ago) I mentioned Hard Drives. Many of you may know what they are, others don’t, either way is cool, each to their own etc!

Today though, I figured it would be an idea to have a quick look at them, just to give you some knowledge on what it is that stores ALL your information on a computer!

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs for short) are one of the oldest pieces of a computer, introduced in 1956 by IBM!

The basic principal is there is a spinning disk inside the unit, spinning from 5,400 RPM to 15,000RPM (so darn fast!). Then using the magic of magnets, they turn all your photos, documents etc, into 1’s & 0’s, then turn those into magnetic information on the spinning disk (mind blowing really)

They are made with such fine engineering, that if a hair got stuck between the head that does the work & the disk, it would jam the system & cease working!!

A slight knock or a drop whilst these little things are working can totally render it dead too, they are super fragile! 🙁

So in short, they are magnetically magic, but are super frail!