Mini Laptops

Its been a few days since our last post (super busy & the bank holiday messing with our heads!)

Lately we have been seeing lots of the mini laptops of all makes with the same issue, they cannot install the latest Windows updates. The reason? They have a tiny 32GB eMMC card (or in English, a super small memory card soldered inside)

These little guys and gals, are just unable to take the update due to a lack of free space! 🙁

Windows before ANY programs or apps go on, takes up a good 16GB of space, office needs 1-2GB, then there’s the updates. So by the time that’s all done, you are left with about 24GB used, BUT keep in mind you do not get all 32GB. This is due to “formatting”, once the drive is formatted you loose around 12% of the drives capacity, leaving you with 28.5GB, so that’s only about 4.5GB of space left for other things & if you’re lucky your data!

To add more bad news, the new big Windows updates need around 10GB of free space! :O These updates just do not add nice new features, but they include loads of things to keep your computer as safe & secure as possible!

If you are tempted by a mini laptop, PLEASE spend the extra few £’s and buy one with at least a 500GB hard drive, it will be worth it, trust me! 🙂