Windows 10 Updates

Good morning,

Over the last few days we have been swamped with computers of all types that don’t seem to like the newest Windows 10 “Feature Update”. What we are seeing is the computer going through the motion of doing the update, but at the last possible minute throws a tantrum, refuses to do the update and asks you to select the language you would like to use (which is just nice of it)

The only method we have to fix it, is to backup everything we can, then reload it and start from scratch (which we know is a HUGE pain in the *insert bad word here*). Basically a full factory reset, but with all the updates installed.

Luckily though, once the system is reloaded and all the updates done, they seem to be perfectly fine again.

Current turn-around time is about 2 business days, but we working as quick as we can.