Good morning everyone, hope you all remember to do those backups! But like most people, you probably don’t or you forget to do them!

The thing to remember in some cases such as a hard drive failure or virus attack your data is lost FOREVER!!

So backup often, how you ask? We recommend a USB hard drive you can plug in to do the back on a regular basis (like the ones below!)


Custom PC’s

What is a custom PC? Well, in short it’s a PC built to your needs, not something off the shelf and prebuilt.

Why would you want one? They offer flexibility for future upgrades and repairs. Some of those prebuilt by the larger manufacturers can use parts designed only for that system, making repairs or upgrades very expensive!!

Doesn’t a custom PC cost more? No! In fact, they are usually around the same price (and sometimes cheaper)

Who makes the parts? These are carefully selected based on the intended user! Most off thr shlef manufacturers use the same manufacturers as custom PC builds like Phase 4 use i.e. Asus for Motherboards, Kingston for RAM, Seagate for Hard Drives etc.

For more info, feel free to give us a call or pop in to see us!!