The end is nigh, for Windows 7

As many of you will no doubt know, Windows 7 will soon no longer be receiving updates from Microsoft, 14th of January 2020 to be more exact.

But what does it mean? After that date, whilst your computer will continue to function (as it always has) it will no longer be classed as secure, as Microsoft will not be sending out any new patches to fill any holes that would allow a virus or hacker to take advantage of.

This also means if you are using it in a business environment, you will no longer be adhering to the GDPR guidelines, so any data you have on your device, whether it’s financial details for your business or complete client records could be left available for those nasty folk folks that like to target small (& larger) businesses.

But I have Antivirus!! Just because you have an Antivirus running, doesn’t mean you’re safe I’m afraid. Even with the best Antivirus, a security hole in Windows can be used to turn off your antivirus, leaving you with nothing but an infected system and a fine as you were found to have been in breach of the GDPR guidelines! 😔

So, what can be done!! This is an easy one, replace Windows 7! We can advise you if your existing machine can be upgraded or if it’s best to replace it. Either way Windows 10 is a must to keep you and your data safe!