About us

Phase 4 Computers started 23 years ago, we are independent computer repair business located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, whose friendly, helpful staff provide a personalised IT service for all.

Our founder Mozi decided after many years to retire in 2019. Rich who has been a familiar face here for over 11 years, made the decision to take the reigns and run Phase 4, along with his fiance, Hayley.

Rich has worked at Phase 4 for 11 years and officially took over as owner on 1st January 2019. Rich is a self confessed geek in everything computer! In his time away from Phase 4 he is a big movie fan, especially MCU and Sci-Fi. He lives in Harrogate, with Hayley and their four house rabbits, AKA The Fabulous Four, who even have their own Facebook page!

Charlie is a newly graduated student from college and has been working for Phase 4 since early August 2018. Eager to learn new skills and always willing to adjust to new situations are just two of the many reasons he is a valued member of our staff. Charlie’s vast knowledge of IT is ever growing with his passionate hobby in PC Gaming.

Hayley is currently working part-time at Phase 4. She is currently doing administration work but will be expanding her skill set too! In the near future you may start to see Hayley around the building even more, helping the men out!

What can we do for you?

Phase 4 is more than your average computer repair shop. Here at Phase 4, we are experienced in dealing with numerous areas of IT,  including (but not limited to!):

We are a very friendly team and welcome you to come in and speak to us regarding any of your IT issues, we are always happy to assist!

Our aim is to provide the best IT support for homes and businesses.