Custom built PCs

Custom built PCs

Each of our gaming PCs is built to order by us, in house. Each computer at Phase 4 is built to your specification and budget! We also stock a wide range of gaming accessories, including RGB keyboards. Please pop into the shop to speak to us about your custom gaming PC.

Want a custom PC to play the latest games? Maybe you want a PC to edit photos on, or just something that will help with the office work or homework.

Phase 4 gaming PC

Our main supplier has an assortment of parts that are carefully selected to give you the PC you want. Come in and have a chat today to see how we can help.

Pre-built PC or custom built?

What is the difference between a “Pre-built” PC and a custom built one? There are many differences, the most obvious ones are the Pre-built ones are designed and built for a specific set of tasks, i.e. average office or home use, or for a certain price range (cheap is not always good!). But a custom built one, is custom, it is for YOU and YOUR needs, no-one else’s. The price can be altered by the parts used, giving YOU more control over the cost and the specification. Either way, a pre-built or custom built one can be the around the same price and will include a 1 year warranty.

The main advantage with a custom built PC is the warranty, no packing it in the original box, then shipping it off and waiting up to 28 days for it be fixed. With a custom built PC, just bring it in to the shop, and the longest wait is up to 5 days to get in parts some cases this can be done the SAME DAY!!

So the decision is up to you! Gaming PCs can be as flexible as you like!

Come into store and discuss your requirements with a member of our team, we will get you the PC YOU WANT, at the PRICE YOU WANT!