Wi-Fi Distribution

We specialise in providing controlled multiple user access to the internet via a WiFi Hotspot. We can create these hotspots ANYWHERE in the UK and they can cover LARGE physical areas.
Anyone with a device that has WiFi capability can gain access to the internet. This means the applications for our hotspots are many and varied – almost limitless.
Some examples of where our systems are utilised are:

  • Holiday Parks & Camp Sites
  • Cafes & Public Areas
  • Farms & Rural Properties (Businesses & Residential)
  • Building & Construction Sites
  • Stately Homes & Country Houses
  • Outdoor Events / Shows / Exhibitions


The KEY to our system is that you have full control – you determine who has access, how long they have access for, and how much data is used.

Most importantly our bespoke firmware ensures you have full history of who has used your internet, when they used it and which sites they visited – this means that you fully meet the requirements laid down in the Digital Economy Bill legislation introduced in 2010.

You can charge your customers for internet access or provide a free service depending on your circumstances. We will explain the different options and advise on how you can get the very best from your system. How we configure your system is entirely up to you.