Data Recovery

Phase 4 are proud to announce data recovery services as part of the growing list of IT support we provide!


Has your PC completely died, taking with it precious family photos or that dissertation you spent weeks doing, only to find you did not have a backup?? Or maybe you saved all your uni work on a memory stick, then found it damaged in the bottom of your bag. Perhaps you pressed delete by mistake and watched in horror as your files vanished!

Bring your PC or external drives (USB sticks and memory cards too) and we will do our best to recover your data. Time is an important factor in the recovery process, as the longer you use your equipment, the less likely the recovery will be successful.

Our recovery system is able to analyse and read any file system and recover files of all types.

Depending on the level of damage suffered, we may not be able to recover anything or maybe only recover damaged files, if that is the case we DO NOT CHARGE you!