Laptop repairs

Below are just some examples of the work we can carry out:


Replacement Screens                                                                                

A broken screen is very common on laptops due to electronic failure or more often due to damage when dropped

We keep in stock a wide range of new and second hand screens which means we probably have parts for most laptops! Most replacement screens cost under £100 including fitting which means for most computers they are still worth repairing


Broken DC Jacks and Chargers                                                                 

The DC jack is the connection on your laptop where the charger connects. It is very common when a laptop is dropped for this to be broken due to it’s delicate construction. Symptoms of a broken DC jack are complete failure to charge or only charging when the cable is held at a specific angle. We also carry in stock a range of universal and used laptop chargers to replace lost or damaged ones. Repair a DC jack requires dismantling the laptop and resolderiing a new connector in its place. This usually costs around £65 including parts


Desktop PC’s

Here is just a small collection of the kind of work we are able to do:

Replacement Power Supplies                                                                    

The Power Supply Unit or PSU in a Desktop PC is the most common part to fail, the two main factors are dust clogging the fans, making the unit overheat. The other is a power surge from the mains supply.

We keep different power supplies in stock, starting at 400w going up to 800w & beyond.

Motherboard repairs/upgrades

Sometimes the motherboard or “mainboard” needs replacing, whether due to a fault or is simply too old to handle your new requirements. Faults can arise due to age, dust build up or even a power spike.

Sometimes replacing a motherboard in not enough, as other parts may need changing too, ask us about the best route to take when replacing or upgrading, we are always happy to help!