PC running slow? Want to play the latest games? Then you may need an upgrade!!

Hard Drive and Solid State Drive Upgrades

Running short of space? Maybe you just want a huge performance boost, speak to us today about upgrading your Hard Drive to a larger one, or swapping it to an ultra fast Solid State!

Using advanced cloning software, we can take a complete copy of your exisiting drive and move it to a fresh new one, all whilst preserving your current programs and data.

Graphics card upgrades

Do you want to play some of the latest games? Or maybe your photo editing is suffering, then you could need a new graphics card!

We are able to offer graphics to suit your needs and budget. Most Desktop PC’s come with onboard graphics built into the motherbaord, while these will handle simple games such as Solitaire and basic photo editing, they are no match for some of the latest NVidia chips, which can handle almost anything thrown at them including games such as Crysis 2 and the C.O.D series.

Memory Upgrades

The easiest way to speed up your laptop is to add more memory. Older computers, particularly those running Windows Vista, were sold with quite small amounts of memory compared to today’s standards. This is mainly because memory used to be quite expensive, but recently the prices have dropped dramatically and you can often double the amount of memory for as little as £30